The Web Designer’s Guide to Choosing Imprint Methods

Back in the dark ages of design, there was a pretty clear distinction between web designers and print designers. But the modern world of design isn’t so simple. Often, web designers have to help clients with print projects to accompany their new websites—which means you’ve got to learn how to pick the right print method.

If you think choosing print methods isn’t a big deal, think again. Better yet, ask any client who’s had a design ruined because their web designer refused to admit that they didn’t understand why one print method would have worked better than another. The imprint method you select is absolutely crucial to the design’s success.

So how do you become the best at choosing imprint methods? You learn from the best. Company Folders, a print and design firm, has created the ultimate guide for selecting imprint methods and options. Read on to learn what will work best for your next project.

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