Top 10 Useful UI Wireframe Tools for Web Designers

Wireframing tools separate the graphic elements of a website from the functional elements. This allows you to solely focus on functionality thus simplifying the process of creating an app or website. There are plenty of wireframing tools available on the internet.

Some of them are desktop based, others are accessed over the web. Some are paid, some are not. With such a wide variety of tools, it can be hard to decide which one to choose. This article aims to help you solve that problem by giving you an overview of the top 10 UI wireframe tools that will make your job a lot easier.


The first place in this list is occupied by Moqups with its numerous drag and drop features which makes it very easy to use. You don’t need a browser plugin to use it at top speed. It is free and you can use it successfully to create high quality, resolution independent SVG wireframes.



Second place goes to Balsamiq with a user-friendly interface and drag &drop abilities. There are plenty of preset controls so that you don’t waste time when you are endorsed in web design. Easy to use and with almost no learning curve, Balsamiq is definitely the place to start for complete newbies. The price is $79 and works on Mac, Linux, Windows and it has a web based version.



Pidoco comes third being a web based platform to which you have access in return for a monthly fee that ranges from $9 to $59 depending on what type of package you need. You are able to share your prototypes with clients over the internet to enhance feedback and obtain a better output. Download the Pidoco app on your smartphone if you want to view your prototypes.


Having described the top 3 wireframing tools, let’s mention the remaining 7.

UX Pin

Collaborative online design tool, free trial available. It covers the following design stages:wireframing, flowcharting, mockuping, prototyping.



It has a free version. It includes drag and drop components, online collaboration, image export.



Free for basic tools, pro-accounts are paid.


Wireframe CC

Minimal wireframe tool. Free, allows you to create mobile and desktop templates.


Frame Box

Online tool for creating and sharing mockups (wireframes).



Wirify is free, easy and fun to use.




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